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Wilderness Wear

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Wilderness Wear is proudly Australian owned and operated, using only the finest Australian materials. We pride ourselves on creating the highest quality outdoor garments for all conditiions at competitive prices.
Australian in every way

Every part of Wilderness Wear is Australian. (Right down to the ‘can do’ attitude that drives us each and every day.) First, all of our products are made in Australia. We see that as a significantly better prospect than outsourcing to less experienced labour forces in countries beyond our shores. Second, we support the natural produce of our glorious country because we believe it to be the best. And third, we maintain ready-to deliver stock in all our major customer markets: Australia, Japan and the US.

Competitive pricing

Although we produce in Australia, in the high quality garment space, we can match it with our competitors on price

Highest quality

Every Wilderness Wear garment is brought to existence with an outlook of quality. We call it ‘Quality 3’ – quality brought to the power of three. From the moment a product is conceived, right through to the point at which it is put to market, there are particular benchmarks of the difference to these products.


Being a company that exists for enjoyment of the outdoors, we believe Wilderness Wear should do its best to protect the very resources that make this possible. Our ecology platform includes a directive to always use fibre and material products that are environmentally friendly and traceable, such as mulesed-free wool. Being our own manufacturer provides opportunity to self-monitor everything we produce, right down to packaging from 100% post-consumer waste boards and papers. Our carbon responsibility leads us to source raw materials from like-minded, carbon conscious suppliers and to generate low company emissions ourselves. Overall, we regard these measures as the way to leave the least mark on our precious environment.

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