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Aussie Farmers Direct

The Story Behind Aussie Farmers Direct

The initial idea behind Aussie Farmers Direct was simple, yet is very complicated to carry out as a professional food service. Initially, we set about to source the best local milk, eggs, cheese, bread, and juice we could find and offer it as a home delivery service to the community.  We wanted to reinvent what the old fashioned milkman stood for, but this time add modern technology to make the service easier. This would mean more time with your family and a richer more connected community with Aussie Farmers food at its heart.

On paper, Aussie Farmers Direct was never going to work. A small business with no money that wanted to challenge the current “supermarket shopping” paradigm… Sounds like a tall ask. Our business needed to create a shift in generational thinking about the way our food gets on the table. We asked our consumers to take a breath and think about the farmer behind their food. To our delight, the customers not only responded but we started a major Aussie Farmers food movement driven by the community’s appetite for positive change.

Of course we would face the risk of being crushed like so many farmers, manufacturers and small businesses before us. Passion and connection to our customers allowed us to be successful. With an entrepreneurial spirit, you’re vulnerable, but in doing so you can achieve greatness for the people if you get the balance right between food quality, service and price.

Our passion comes from having firm convictions, and it means that everything Aussie Farmers Direct does is guided by a sense of sustainable thinking. Our moral compass is about listening first to our customers and working with the earth in balance. This will ensure our children inherit a better world than we had before them.

Aussie Farmers Direct is wholehearted and vibrant just like our customers. Growth has come not only because we were able to harness online technology and meet a need, but our customers also had to be willing to come with us on the journey. Their empathy to our vision and belief in our convictions is a key part of our success.

Eight years on and with a milk factory, five distribution centres, over 200 milkos and approximately 130,000 customers, we’ve learnt that you can be effective in building a business if your values are in tune with where society wants to go. We believe the communities are looking to do the right thing and Aussie Farmers Direct is one way that they can do their bit for the country. More jobs, more time with family, higher quality food, sustainable farming practises, longer shelf life for food, and personal service to your door whilst you sleep. What more could you want?

We have a desire to build a better world; to correct what’s not right and certainly the courage to stand up for what you believe in. Our company brings together other people who share that same aspiration. We thank all of our stakeholders in the business. We will continue to do our best every day and strive to raise the bar in delivering quality Australian farmed food directly to your door.