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At Save On Brands we feature amazing deals on supermarket goods every week. Our deals include a multitude of... read more

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Save On Brands

At Save On Brands we feature amazing deals on supermarket goods every week. Our deals include a multitude of branded items together with a good variety of everyday products, allowing you to pick and pack your very own amazing deal. Whatever the products are, it is our duty to provide them to you at much cheaper prices than your local supermarkets.
Why did we start Save On Brands?

Save On Brands was created in response to the continuing community outrage at the consistently high supermarket prices in the Household, Food, Confectionery and Health and Beauty areas.

We asked, why can countries like the USA and England have thousands of retail outlets selling the majority of all products for $1.00, while our local Supermarkets charge whatever they can get away with in Australia. Discount Stores like the 99 cent stores, Dollar Tree, Dollar General, Poundland, Pound Stretcher and the list goes on and on have all been selling these lines for years and always at prices well below our Supermarkets.

So we said, let’s offer these same types of products, online only, and in Australia.

Our ranges will increase to include brands like Domestos, Harpic, Ajax, Fab, OMO, Finish, while in other regular brands the sizes offered will now be expanded dramatically to include lines like 750ml Pantene and 850ml Head and Shoulders, 1kg Fab Washing Powder, Nescafe 200g Coffee and many many more Branded lines.

To be able to offer such a wide variety of products at our price points has meant we have had to “tap” in to the overseas retailers suppliers.

This is an ongoing programme and as of today our range has increased from 200 when we commenced to around 1,000 different product lines and growing.

The major Brands are huge suppliers to these retail groups overseas and this means we will also be able to offer a fantastic range of branded products at amazing discounted price points .

These will include products like Colgate Toothpaste, Pantene Shampoos and Conditioners, Spree laundry Powder, Duo Laundry Power, Golden Circle Food products, Heinz Food products, Greenseas Tuna and Salmon, Mars bars, Kit Kats, Twix, Bounty, Smarties, Imperial Leather Soap, Rexona Roll Ons, Gillette Shaving Creams and Razors, Dove Soaps, Oral B Toothbrushes, Olay Body Wash, Morning Fresh Dish Washing Liquids, Moccona and Nescafe Coffee, Chupa Chups, and many many other major brands as well,

It should be clearly noted that every products sold on our site is a genuine product. We will never sell counterfeit or fake products. Besides being illegal this is something our company considers disgraceful and would never knowingly participate in.

Saying this our products are purchased from countries all over the world including Australia, England, Ireland, France, Germany, USA, Indonesia, China, Vietnam, Philippines, South Africa, Poland, Thailand, Singapore and many others as well.
At SOB we sell all the big brand names but sometimes from the outside they might look a little different. These are called parallel imports. These are genuine brands but scan come in different packaging.
The inside of the packaging is really what counts and this is all genuine quality.
If you are ever unsure about one of our products, please email us and our customer service will be more than happy to explain.

As a point of reference, in today’s global economy most branded products are manufactured by their multinational owners in one or two main countries and these products are then sent to all the different markets around the world for sale.
Every pack of Dove Soap 100g sold in Australia, Asia, England and South Africa are all made in the one factory in Germany.
Every tube of Colgate toothpaste sold in Australia is made in Thailand.
Surprised ??? We all are, but maybe it’s time we checked the packaging to see exactly where our everyday products are made. I think we are all in for a major shock.

Save On brands is not a gimmicky site where our products are here today and gone tomorrow or where the sold out signs are on the hot deals before the products are even offered.

Our aim is to offer a consistent range all year round. Please note that some products do have limited stock, and due to their popularity, will sell out quickly, however we will endeavour to restock these products as soon as possible.

Of course we want our customers to shop every week with us and we will always try to have new lines and hot weekly specials available. After all everyone always need Food lines, toothpaste, shampoo, cleaning detergents, Coffee, etc etc.