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Here on Free Discount Codes we are big fans of Travelex Australia and the service and deals they offer. There are a range of great benefits with Travelex AU that you don’t get with other Australian Currency Exchange businesses and that is why we think Travelex is the best Australian Money Exchange.

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Not yet convinced? There are a number of reasons why we rate Travelex Australia as the best for changing currency.


Buy Currency Online at Travelex

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With Travelex you can order the currency you need online and pick it up from over 2,800 locations in Australia.
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Check Currency Rates at Travelex

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With Travelex you can use their live currency rates page to take a look at our daily exchange rates.
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Get Currency Rate Alerts from Travelex

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Planning a holiday soon and want the best currency rate online? You can keep an eye on a particular currency with the Travelex Exchange Rate Tracker.
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Travelex Promo Codes and Travelex Currency Sales

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Travelex - Currency